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Our Story

From humble procedural beginnings to sending waves of disbelief through a large carrier’s accounts team.

Who is myTEM

Our origin begins in 1999 when we were commissioned by a prominent Australian retailer to assist with managing their mobile phone expenses.
The process at the time comprised downloading a text file from their carrier with all of the mobile charges listed. The job was to break this up into individual user reports and send them out to the users and their managers. The reports would have to be returned with justifications and signatures, and those would need to be recorded – and they had over 1,000 mobile users!

We were able to automate and simplify that process, and boy have we come along way. Every month, we manage millions of charge records from across multiple carriers and services into the tens of thousands.

Very soon, the management of those services and associated reporting became “business as usual”, and we realised that there was much more that could be done.

These days, myTEM is sophisticated – way past only manages services and their Assets. We have workflows to provision and decommission services, catch anomalies and exceptions, trigger notifications and most critically, we ensure that the carriers are no overcharging based on their promise. We were now starting to gain the attention of a large Australian carrier, as we were literally helping one particular client cut millions of dollars off their bill – per annum – year on year.

myTEM has grown up in the industry, and has adapted and innovated with our clients’ demands for more information, better processes and proactive measures to ensure their bills do not grow out of control, nor let the “rot” creep in where services become redundant or unused, and no one has noticed.

We don’t believe we have reached the pinnacle. Not only does the telecommunications industry change regularly, but the industries our clients are in change too. We have made it our goal, to adapt and innovate around those changes to ensure our clients are ready for what faces them next. 2020 has been no exception here, as we not only have industry level changes, but global and local economic changes. Saving money is even more critical today than it has ever been, and we are here to help – and we are here to stay.

We are grateful and thankful to our clients and partners that have worked with us for many years, across many decades – without whom we would not exist.

We are still passionate about our company, our product and our future, and look forward to making a difference to more client companies.


Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

To provide the tools our clients need to drive their telco costs down, practically, efficiently and ethically.

Driven by Data

Data is key. Our outcomes, achievements and successes are limited only by our imagination. We have all the information we need – what are we going to do with it?

Stay Ahead of the Curve

This is difficult but we strive for it. Staying on the front edge of change and evolution of our client’s businesses is what makes us valuable to our clients. We can, will and do adapt – our clients need it and they depend on us to deliver it.

Your Users are Our Users

What good is our software if your users are not better off because of it? It is our goal – no our job – to ensure your users are empowered with the tools and features that will maximise their productivity. 

Delight Our Clients

We know our success hinges on your success, and our growth is tied to your growth. We are focussed on you – our client – you are our business.

Nothing Comes Easy

We have been building and refining myTEM for over a decade. It contains our blood, sweat and tears, so it doesn’t have to contain yours. myTEM was built to make our clients’ lives easier, less stressful and more profitable. It is the formula behind the success of our business.
Joe Hanna, Founder