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Keeping the Telcos Honest

We help you lower your costs, so your profits can soar.

Telcos are notorious for getting it wrong. Overcharging and charging for services or add-ons you simply don’t need.

It stops here.


Import Carrier Invoices

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We take your telco Tax Invoices and load them into our system

Automated Workflow Engine

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Our Workflow Engine is clever. It will look for key pieces of information and trigger a process flow for your administrators – highlighting areas of the bill that need attention.

Analyse & Classify

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We reverse engineer costs and charges, we verify and validate. Then we take action to correct the errors. 

Integrated Credit Claims

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We put our money where our mouth is. If we find an incorrect charge, we’ll raise a claim and follow it through to the next bill, and beyond if needed.

Accounting & Accountability

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We have full cost centre and user tracking on all services and can integrated with GL.Every cost is accounted for easily, including complex splits for shared services. We can journal this for you automatically every month.

What We Offer

Visibility & Management

We help you make sense of the thousands of services you manage. Who, what and when. With myTEM, it’s a snap.

TEM Life Cycle Management

We can handle everything from service provisioning through to service cancellation. We can even automatically watch out for residual charges on cancelled services. All of a sudden, managing tens of thousands of services just got easier.

Historical Data

Keep as much as you want, for as long as you want. We have clients with over 15 years of data and hundreds of millions of records – all with instant recall. Our system was built for efficiency and performance.

Automated Reporting

Have the usage reports go out to each user, manager and location manager.  Let them all see that you see what the expenditure is. You will be surprised at the positive impact sharing usage reports has on on everyone’s telco expenditure. If it is in black and white, it cannot be refuted. 

Which Organisations Can Benefit From myTEM?

If your organisation has any of the following characteristics or requirements, you can benefit from using myTEM.

500+ Services


Franchised Ops


Mobile Fleets


Asset Management


Automated Claims


No obligation assessment

Talk to our experienced team about your telco costs. We can help you make better sense of them and determine if you can benefit from myTEM’s comprehensive toolset.