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Saving on Your Telco Costs Just Got Easy

Bill Validation

Manage & Report



Driving your costs down and Keeping the Telcos Honest takes a specific set of tools, curated for the telecommunications industry, to overcome the complexities and idiosyncrasies it presents.

We have done this, and with our 15+ years experience, we have a solid track record.

Our Design & Process

We not only focus on the costs or the reports or the analysis, we take a wholistic approach, to ensure we don’t leave any areas of telecommunications expense management (TEM) unguarded. How else can you be confident that you don’t have a cost leak?


We have tools for management of services through to report, analysis and exception management. All while having an integrated workflow engine which ensures your ship will not leak.

Reporting & Analysis

Rest assured the ‘usual’ reports are included, but we have more. We help you identify dead services, top spenders, services cancelled but still billing and even suggest a more optimised plan + a whole lot more. We have you covered.

History & Archives

Our system is optimised to not care about how much history you keep. We have systems running hundreds of millions of records, all with instant recall.

Monitor & Police

We watch and ping exceptions that you are interested in. Nothing gets through.

Key Features

Intuitive User Interface

Highly Configurable

Sophisticated Accounting


3rd Party Integration

Browser Based

On Prem or Cloud

Powerful Workflows

Locally owned & developed

Australian support team

Case Study

Continue to Delight

Major Australian Retailer

We have been servicing one of Australia’s premier retailers for over a decade.
myTEM is on their critical systems list along with their point of sale and accounting system. It is an integral component of their day-to-day operations.

We continue to delight them – they are over the moon!

Multi-million dollar savings, year-on-year


What We Offer 

When you install myTEM into your organisation, you not only get sophisticated software to help drive your costs down and your profits and efficiency up, you get to enter a special working relationship with our team. We are not interested in quick-sales and fast profit. We are more interested in forging a partnership that will continue to be mutually fruitful for years to come. We will do achieve amazing results, together.

Full Service Management Suite

We have all the tools to easily manage your fleet of services, no matter how large it is. myTEM does the heavy lifting.

Reports & Analysis

There are no rocks for charges or users to hide under. All is visible, all are accountable. We can also provide custom reports to suit your needs.

Browser Based Interface

No software or extensions to deploy for myTEM to operate. Your IT department will love us!

User Centric Experiences

We have a modern web user interface. It is intuitive and a joy to use. We also have a self-serve portal available to take the pressure of your admins.

WorldClass Support

If you need us, we are there. Our support crew all reside in Sydney and work hard everyday to surprise and delight our clients with a great knowledge of our product, as well as a desire to make you happy!

On-Premise or the Cloud

You have options when it comes to deploying myTEM: SaaS or on-premise. You decide. Our SaaS offering uses world-class cloud providers and takes pressure off your IT team. If you prefer to keep your data private, you can always host it yourself on-prem.

Product Updates

myTEM comes as a fully managed solution. We handle software updates and security releases. Another reason your IT department will love us! So will you – we take care of everything.

Our Clients Are Our Advocates

myTEM does not make use of extensive marketing programs. Our clients are our best marketers. We do the right thing by our clients, and they want to share the joy with associated colleagues. Win-win all around!

3rd Party Integration

In today’s technology landscape, nothing can work to its potential in a sandbox. We have extensive support for 3rd party systems. If we don’t have it, we can build it!

Are you ready to see what myTEM can do for you?

We would be delighted to show you how myTEM can provide your organisation with cost saving benefits and improve the efficiency of your admin team