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We’re Here to Help

The job you have in keeping your services in good order and running at peak cost efficiency, takes time and resources. We have just the tool in the box to help you out.

It All Starts With a Solid Project Plan

All good projects have a clear end goal, however, as a busy organisation, you don’t always have the time or clarity to set the end goal. Our experienced and veteran team can help you formulate your end goals, and a clear path to achieving them.

Business Analysis

Let’s gain a greater understanding of your business. The “hows” and “whys” are important to every team, no matter their size. Knowing where you are will help us to plan a smooth path to achieving your business goals.

Understand Your Services

Over time, large organisations can accumulate services that no longer provide value. We can help you identify them and formulate a plan to deal with them.


Often large organisations with tens of thousands of service do not have the resources to find out who is doing what and spending how much. We found that these larger organisations barely get through processing the bills for payment. Let us help you find those wasteful users and cut the costs down.

Stop the Rot

In big organisations, rollout projects come and go, but who is keeping an eye on the services in the meantime? Do we still need this service? Perhaps not – so let’s cancel it. Who is now keeping an eye on whether the service is indeed cancelled and if it continues billing? myTEM can.

User-Centric Design

Our system is geared toward assisting time-poor admins to get their job done through to our easy to use Self-Serve Portal where your employees can get their own information and services provisioned, freeing up your admin team to do other jobs.

Transform your admins

Your admins are valuable, and often a substantial cost in themselves. Is having them process invoices and paperwork the best use of their time, and your money? myTEM can alleviate the bulk of the paperwork burden and allow them to spend time analysing the costs to find reductions. Let us show you how.

Automate All the Things

myTEM has an amazing and flexible automation and workflow engine. Its reliability means that your human resources can pass on the repetitive and arduous tasks to our system and they can move on to providing better value and visibility to the business. Contact us to learn how myTEM’s workflows can transform your team.

Already Have a Project in Mind?

We are happy to talk to you about your next project to get more value from myTEM.